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Leadership engagement programs

"What difference do you want your leaders to make with what they learn?"

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For leaders who want to

explore opportunities to engage

and discover proven strategies for

transitioning into

transformational leadership

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Strategies are taught through small-group workshops, simulated scenarios, role-playing

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(Our participants) were so encouraged by your session and determined to make a difference for the people they serve."

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Florida Commission on the Status of Women,

LEAD Summit, Feb. 2020

“Thank you for the meaningful sessions to help get us focused on a vision for a developed Belize.”

“Each member of the group recognizes their potential and capacity to be a change agent.”

“Best course I have attended throughout my career.”

“A definite milestone for my personal development.”

“Invaluable for us as we continue to navigate the business world and forge new horizons.”

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Preparing business/civic leaders in Belize and exceeding objectives. 

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"...a game-changer for our business community." 

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"We couldn't have launched this without your experience, commitment and passion." 

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“Mark’s three-step system has given me the confidence to serve as the voice of our new messaging strategy. I can’t recommend this training enough.”

Executive Director,

international trade association 


Leadership engagement is the purpose of leadership education.


In my many years now of working with leaders to develop and deliver civic, public and strategic leadership engagement programs and seminars, I'm still fascinated by the fact that...


...there are leaders in these communities (regardless of location or size) who have real-world experience creating jobs, balancing budgets, dealing with regulations and providing outstanding customer service and now want to explore opportunities for how they can use their real-world experience and skills in strategic, civic or public leadership to address critical issues.

But before they can make a difference, they'll need to make a plan to successfully transition from where they are to where they need to be.

That's what sets our method apart from many leadership and management programs and seminars.


The 5 keys of our core training curriculum guide leaders in proven strategies for defining their purpose, ensuring that their path matches what they want to accomplish, preparing personally and professionally for unrealized obstacles, positioning themselves to boost their viability and target networks and developing priorities so they can accelerate their success.

Each training program is customized to the objectives of organizers and is taught using simulated scenarios, small-group workshops and role-playing exercises.

All of this simply means that we don't measure success by what leaders learn.  We measure success by what leaders do with what they learn and the impact they can made.  For instance, graduates have been ...

 ...addressing affordable housing, expanding voter access, making R&D tax credits possible, establishing transparency and accountability in government, promoting STEM education, strengthening fiscal responsibility, reforming foster care, streamlining business permitting, cutting business start-up regulations, promoting new technologies for economic growth, including the "blue economy," promoting tourism, removing barriers for downtown transformation, improving government customer service and many others.
​If you're a leader of an organization or an influencer and would like your community or profession to benefit by training emerging leaders and then taking credit for their success, learn more here about preparing your future civic,
public or strategic leaders.

If you're a leader who believes you have something to contribute in leadership for your organization, profession, community, state or nation and need to discover proven strategies for how to succeed before you lead, discover how here.

​There's no obligation to discover the difference these leaders can make where you live and work.

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The bottom line:

1) programs/seminars guide leaders to explore leadership opportunities and then strategically transition into leadership engagement

2) curriculum is customized to meet the objectives of organizers who can brand/market the program/seminar using their name

3) proven strategies are taught through simulated scenarios, small groups and role-playing





Preparing leaders of impact blog

1-on-1 mentoring

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San Diego Public Leadership Institute

For organizations and independent teams of leaders who want to train future civic, public or strategic leaders.

Consulting services to launch something new.

How fake leaders are used to address real challenges
Nora Bandi - Indian American woman ficti
Julia Sanchez Russell FCSW 2020 LEAD sum

Nora Bondi wants to use her background as a technology entrepreneur to impact education for at-risk students but isn't certain how to start...

Robert Campbell is thinking about engaging his business community on critical public policy issues but hasn't yet determined how the effort would be organized...

Julia Montoya has a successful business and now would like to use her personal story of once nearly being homeless to address affordable housing...

Charles Frazier believes the one place he can make the greatest impact for his community is in elected office but he's never been particularly active in politics...

While these leaders are fictitious, their stories are not. 


Tailored simulated scenarios and role-playing exercises allow participants to address the real challenges they will face, learn from team members and more effectively integrate strategies into their own situations.

Contact Mark to discover what this could mean for your leaders.