Mark's speeches include tailored audience-engagement lessons, primarily small groups, allowing leaders to more effectively incorporate new ideas and learn from others. 

Contact Mark or learn more about the following topics: 

Public leadership engagement for the business community: 

  • How to Build The Bench of Future Pro-Business Public Leaders and Influencers

  • Political Trends That Threaten Local Prosperity

  • Why The Business Community Should Engage Early in the Political Process and How To Work Around The Dysfunction

  • What It's Really Like Inside a Campaign - Insider Lessons By Role-Playing 


Your Voice Matters - Successful Civic Engagement

Public speaking/public persuasion -- How to

  • Motivate and Mobilize Any Audience Behind An Idea That Matters

  • Keep Your Audience Off Their Smartphones:  3 Strategies for Engaging Them in Seconds

  • How to Tell a Story When You Think You Stink At Storytelling