Imagine the difference your community or organization would see from your future civic leaders... 

...if they were first given the opportunity to prepare to succeed before they stepped forward to lead.

(You can stop imagining…and then take credit.)

The sooner you act, the sooner your leaders will be able to
work their plan to make a difference.


Successful Civic Engagement:

Positioned to Succeed Before You Lead

Florida Commission on the Status of Women LEAD Summit Feb. 5, 2020

It was an honor to be invited as a featured speaker and work with a terrific staff to tailor the presentation on civic engagement.  While these strategies could apply to any issue, we focused on how they would guide a community leader who wanted to plan her path for launching a community conversation on the issue of affordable housing, one of the Commission's key policy concerns.

The 90-minute presentation allowed small groups to discuss how the lessons would advise our fictitious successful business leader - who was once a single mother in need of housing - to engage on an issue that personally moved her.

Groups then shared conversations with the larger audience, generating fresh ideas for how to lead on the issue.

FCSW Summit invitation with Mark as feat

Strategies were tailored and taught with small groups that applied lessons to a simulated scenario, which...

Lead summit Mark pointing.jpg

...encouraged interactive participation...

Mark at LEAD writing on pad.jpg

...and the sharing of ideas.

Your session was perfect. We really appreciate your taking the time to help educate the women of Florida on how to effectively advocate.

An excellent presentation.

(The participants) were so encouraged by your session and determined to make a difference for the people they serve.

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One of the highlights of my career was working with business leaders in Belize who wanted to pass along their rich tradition of civic involvement to the next generation of emerging business owners and entrepreneurs.


The six-month program, which began with a conversation, exceeded expectations for participation and engagement.

With a competitively-selected class, 11 women and 5 men were chosen, exceeding the original class limit size.  Leaders discovered civic engagement strategies, heard from experts on the issues impacting the nation and developed individual plans for impacting their communities.

To learn more, download this pdf.

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√  Transition into civic leadership by strategically overcoming personal and professional hurdles 


√  Identifying opportunities to impact the community


√   Understanding the purpose (defining success first) to choose the right path


√   Preparing a plan to start strong and achieve success 


√  Understanding leadership types and why it matters


√  Launching a successful community conversation 


√  Understanding any political obstacles 


√  Knowing the numbers: winning is math 



√  Identifying/influencing the right opinion-leaders and advocates 


√  Building the right team


√  Rallying a coalition of advocates and supporters


√  Motivating and mobilizing the right audience with the right message


√  Knowing the money: how much, who has it, how to get it when you need it


√  Boosting name ID, credibility and expertise


√  Priorities, saying “no” and delegating responsibilities


√  Managing success to keep the movement fresh