Our interactive seminars and sessions for

leadership programs, organizations and businesses ...

educate, empower and encourage leaders to have

voice of impact and influence in the public arena through 

civic engagement, public leadership or public speaking.

(Or maybe there's a new leadership program idea waiting to make a difference.)


Customized engagement-centered training allows leaders

to discover strategies to transition and succeed - before they lead. 

It's been a tremendous honor and privilege to work with outstanding leaders over many years who had a deep desire to step out of their private space and into the public arena, whether that was directly onto the public stage or leading from behind the scenes.


They realized the tremendous difference they could make, using their experience, skills and voice to advocate for and address public issues, whether it was a strong business climate and economy, filling gaps in social services, addressing  affordable housing, advocating for better health care and other concerns.


But first, they needed proven strategies - refined in the fires of public action - to know how to prepare, plan and position themselves for success.

Our mission is for leaders to engage in their communities to make a difference.  By working with leadership programs, organizations and businesses, our seminars provide the means for their leaders to get there.   Each of our programs has three important distinctives:

1.  All sessions are customized to the objectives of organizers;


2.  The curriculum teaches positioning strategies to make engagement the point of the education;

3. An active-learning workshop environment of tailored simulated scenarios and small-group conversations allows leaders to apply lessons to their own challenges and opportunities, while learning from one another. 

The result? Leaders have gone on to make a tremendous difference in their communities. 


Learn more or let's connect without obligation. The possibility is exciting. I look forward to connecting.

Thank you, Mark 

Mark’s three-step (public persuasion) system has given me the confidence to serve as the voice of our new messaging strategy.  I can’t recommend this training enough.

Executive Director, international trade association

We could not have launched (this leadership program) without your experience, passion and commitment. Thank you for helping San Diego’s business community step up its game.

San Diego business leader

"(Our leadership) success is attracting the attention of business communities across the nation as a model for preparing future public leaders."

Orlando business leader

These fake leaders have some real issues. 

...that your small groups will need to figure out.  Tailored simulated scenarios, role-playing and small-group discussions are important teaching tools in Mark's leadership and persuasion programs, seminars and talks. Participants will apply lessons to real issues and challenges based on the objectives of organizers. Learn more.

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