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2019 class

Learn more about the most unique and successful program of its kind in the nation to prepare business-minded future public leaders.


A conversation about why this matters

How to build your business community's bench of future pro-business elected leaders, appointees or advocates.

This began on a napkin

Build your bench of policy advocates and political influencers instead


Fight for your economy


If your community needs

business experience in public leadership...

here's how to get there. 


We work with business organizations and local leaders in diverse markets to build the bench of business leaders who are positioned and prepared to put their experience, skills and talent to work as elected leaders, appointees and policy influencers. 

We're not a traditional campaign academy but a "pre" engagement training system that since 2008 has successfully worked to get business-minded future public leaders to the starting line of the process ready to succeed and lead.

Our mission is to reclaim the purpose of politics and return to the "citizen legislator" who wants to make a difference and promote a strong local economy as the foundation for an outstanding quality of life. 


But first, those aspiring leaders will need to learn how to succeed...before they lead.