Your community needs your experience, skills and talent to engage in public and civic leadership. 

You'll need these strategies to get there... 


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Transformational change requires transformational leadership. 

When I speak with leaders about engaging in their communities or industries, the most common questions are:  How do I start?  Where can I make the biggest difference?  What should I expect? 


That's why these practical and proven leadership strategies were developed and have worked to guide leaders on:   ...


... identifying where they could have the greatest impact, whether it was launching a community conversation, changing public policy or running for office... addressing the personal and professional obstacles that allowed them to engage...developing a network of partnerships focused on a single goal...building an effective team...developing priorities to keeping the mission on track ... boosting their credibility and public reputation...and on... 


Where do you want to affect change?  It's exciting to envision the possibilities and I'm honored that you're exploring these strategies to help you get there. 

GROUP TRAINING for organizations and leadership programs

Customized applied-learning seminars, sessions and leadership programs feature a proven strategic system to prepare and position leaders who want to explore how to make a difference as transformational leaders.  Lessons are taught through tailored small group discussions, simulated scenarios and role-playing exercises that allow participants to more fully integrate strategies into their own plans for engagement. 

Our new COVID-19 reality has opened opportunities to offer seminars and leadership sessions through videoconferencing for groups interested in tailored: 

- civic engagement

- public/political leadership

- policy advocacy or

- public persuasion

There's no obligation to connect and learn more.  

(Our participants) "were so encouraged by your session and determined to make a difference for the people they serve."


from the Florida Commission on the Status of Women LEAD Summit, Feb. 2020

"Thank you for helping San Diego's business community step up its game."


San Diego business leader who co-chaired the leadership team that launched a successful nonpartisan public leadership institute 

The program "has been a game-changer for our business community.  The success is attracting the attention of business communities across the nation as a model for preparing pro-business future public leaders."

Orlando business leader on the Central Florida Political Leadership Institute 

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